iGowrite Features
C Note System
This option may be used to take, store and share notes and is based on the "Cornell" note-taking system. Information entered into the "Summary" and "Essential Question" section may be easily transferred to the Custom Essay option within the App. By selecting "save and transfer to essay" the writer's summary notes are transferred into the custom essay option where the writer may convert the content into a completed essay.
Custom Essay
Use this option to generate and organize an essay with any number of paragraphs, major supporting ideas, minor supporting ideas, and details in any order the writer chooses. While using this option, the writer my re-organize elements of an essay at any time in the Draft and Revise stages. A variety of help tools are available including the ability to look up words and perform a spell check. The writer is able to draft, edit, revise and publish an unlimited number of essays and because they are stored in one place, they are easy to keep organized.
Leader Board
The Leader Board is used for displaying the ranking of the leaders in a writing Assignment contest. A writing Assignment may be conducted at the classroom, school, or district level. Points are earned based on contest selected variables including any one or more of the 6 elements of writing: Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Word, Sentence Fluency, Conventions, Presentation. Scores for time on task and number of words, as well as teacher-determined variables, such as perseverance, effort, and use of academic words may be included in the contest.
report generator
To support a data driven system, a powerful Report Generator, provides Teachers, Administrators and Central Administration with an easy to use dashboard to produce an array of reports. Reports reflect selected levels including student, class, teacher, school, and district. Based on the level selected, student, class, grade level, school and or district performance on a particular writing Assignment or range of writing Assignment may be displayed.
District Wide Essay Assignment
District wide writing Assignment, such as benchmark assessments may be enabled. Central Administration has the option of providing a District Wide writing Assignment by providing writing prompt, release date and time, duration for the Assignment as well as the ability to select all schools or particular levels of schools, or randomly selected schools as well as grade levels to participate in the Assignment.
School Wide Essay Assignment
School wide writing Assignment, such as benchmark assessments may be enabled. The site principal or designee has the option of providing a School wide writing Assignment by providing writing prompt, release date and time, duration for the Assignment as well as the ability to select all grades, or particular grade, or randomly selected classes to participate in the Assignment.
Rubric System
Scoring student writing is based on applying a six-part common core centered rubric. Options include scores for one or more of the six elements of the rubric, :Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions, Presentation and a Holistic Score. While a 6-point scale is suggested, any numeric value for each of the elements, and/or Holistic score, may be entered into the system.
3rd Party Scoring System
The App provides entering two scores for each writing Assignment. Usually, at the classroom level, the student's teacher enters the first score. The App provides for a third party scoring service that may enter scores for a student. The third party scorer may be located within the same school, may reside at the district level, or may be a third party contracted scoring service.
Share via Email
A student may share, or print their essay at any time. Email is utilized by a student to send documents, at any stage in the writing process to their classroom teacher, reader or other designee individual or service, for feedback. . The scorer receives an email containing the students' essay, and provides feedback via email to the student, based on utilizing the rubric to score the essay, selecting appropriate comments for the student from a list of comments, and/or creating a personalized comment for the student to better inform the student about his/her writing.